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Construction Law, Project Management

Being a Head Contractor in Construction is not Easy

Being the conduit between the Principle Client and the delivery of the works by several Sub-Contractors, the life of a Head Contractor is not an easy one.  The Head Contractor needs to keep his Principal client content and confident in the Head Contractors ability, his staff and sub-contractors safe as well as maintaining cash flow for the project.

PBL was able to provide significant assistance to a Building & Construction client recently by stepping in and providing in house advice in managing the relationship between the Head Contractor, their Principal client and several of their sub-contractors as well as limiting risk under the Security of Payments Act.  Whilst commercial in nature, the advice provided took a Holistic approach to issue resolution and focussed beyond solutions available from a legal perspective alone.  PBL was able to work with all parties to identify information gaps in respect of design details, extension of time claims and variations.  Taking an objective view, the situation arose through a genuine desire of all parties to progress the project, but such enthusiasm must be tempered with strict adherence to established processes and systems.  PBL are able to assist construction and building clients in establishing systems, processes and structures at the commencement of projects so that such issues at the back can largely be avoided.

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