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Corporate Governance

The Benefits of Strategic Advice When Your Business is Stressed

It’s no secret that 2020 offered crazy times for many businesses around NSW and Australia.

Suddenly, the things that many boards and owners took for granted were turned on their heads.

Cash flow, revenue streams, expenses, credit terms, insurance possibilities, imports and exports, supply and demand – they all changed overnight.

Not to mention that any planning done in January 2020 became useless nearly overnight, with precious few SWOT analyses likely showing “global pandemic” in the threats section.

Going into 2021 we’d like to say that things had settled down, but if you’ve seen the news, it’s not really the case. What your business might or might not be allowed to do over the coming weeks and months is still up in the air, with Government decision making offering little comfort to struggling businesses.

So what are you to do?

On the one hand, you can’t weather an indefinite period of uncertainty, but on the other, you don’t want to simply throw up your hands and walk away.

You need a plan.

But perhaps you don’t have the experience to plan in the circumstances like this? Maybe you haven’t run a business through a period of economic uncertainty before, simply aren’t sure what to do with the numbers presented to you by your accountant?

We understand.

That’s why PBL, in conjunction with our Joint Venture partner, One Direct Advisory, are offering a limited number of free think tank sessions to our valuable community of business owners and boards. Together we bring decades of experience in Legal, Accounting, Project and Corporate Finance, HR, M&A, Governance and more. You can read more about ODA (a philanthropic company for the benefit of clients of Meals on Wheels, Central Coast) here.

The think tank sessions are crafted to look at three main areas:

  1. A review and analysis of your business, to identify areas for improvement;
  2. New solutions which help you going forward;
  3. Pinpointing specific opportunities in 2021 involving legal changes, business stimulus or other ideas which could be implemented for short or long term benefit.

Together we can help you make outstanding decisions for your business into 2021 – no matter what the world has to throw at us. If you choose, we can also discuss how we can work with you going forward as you implement the agreed strategy.

For any questions or to book your session you can contact Arielle Golini from PBL by email: arielle@pbl.legal or by telephone: 02 4305 3500. Spaces are limited and priority will be given to existing PBL clients.

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