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Employment Law, Redundancy

Has Your Role Been Made Redundant?

Has your role been made redundant? It pays to get advice on the calculations contained in your termination statement upon a genuine redundancy, as you may be entitled to more than you think! The laws are different in each State, but in NSW your LSL entitlements are derived from the Long Service Leave Act 1955 (NSW). The miscalculation of LSL entitlements upon redundancy is very common in redundancy payouts, as the hourly rate you are entitled to under the LSL Act may actually be higher than people realise. If you earn less than $144,000 yearly, your bonuses (but not overtime or shift allowances) paid in the last 12 months or their average over the last 5 years, whichever is greater, need to be taken into consideration in your hourly rate. This could increase your redundancy payout significantly, even if you were only employed for 5 years!

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