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Anita Bradley
Conveyancing Clerk and Justice of the Peace

Anita studied Business Administration and has worked in the legal industry since 2009 after raising three children. Anita has worked with Raea since 2012 and loves what she does.
She looks after purchasers and vendors conveyancing needs. This is her passion and drive. Anita enjoys being a part of her clients home ownership journey and helping them reach a life goal.

Anita is a strong advocate for electronic conveyancing especially the time saved compared to paper transactions and has fallen in love with PEXA. “We are now utilising Perfect Portal which is exciting as anyone can go to our website and request a conveyancing quote by answering a few simple questions. Once the quote is accepted and assigned the client can log in and see where their matter is up to in real time”.

Outside of work Anita loves to relax, watch Netflix or movies and spending time with her now adult children and especially her grandchildren.

“If I had a super power it would be to control time because there are never enough hours in the day and the days go by so fast!”

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