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Nathan Nevell
Associate Lawyer

If you’re embroiled in a business dispute, arguments about alleged misleading or deceptive conduct, or involuntarily involved in the world of insolvency, then Nathan is the lawyer you want in your corner.

Nathan will bring a personalised approach to every matter he helps you with. That’s because he knows that while businesses have similarities, your business and its needs are unique. The way you and he work together on your matter will ensure that the strategy behind your dispute aligns with the strategy that is best for your business.

This is the philosophy that Nathan will also give you if he’s working on an estate matter for you or your family law matter. After all, your needs and those of your family are individual, and your legal advice and strategy should be catered to your needs. These are skills that Nathan developed working in education and management, and applies them now in his legal practice.

With expertise ranging from simple wills and probates through to complex $60m disputes, Nathan is a trusted advisor to many of our clients, and a valuable member of our team.

• Commercial Law
• Litigation
• Employment Law
• Probate and estates
• Family Law

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