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Sharon Banning

Sharon commands nearly 30 years’ experience in the legal industry, culminating with her admission as a legal practitioner in 2021. She has worked as a paralegal around Sydney, Newcastle and on the Central Coast.

Her expertise spans across complex commercial and civil litigation, family law, and personal injuries. However, her sweet spot with PBL is her amazing work in the areas of strata law and estate planning. There she brings her extensive legal background to the fore, quickly understanding our clients’ needs in each situation and helping them solve their legal issues efficiently and effectively.

When she’s not at the office, Sharon enjoys getting away to a bit of sand and sun at the beach. As a mother of two kids, Sharon enjoys spending time with family and friends, cooking, travelling, keeping fit and staying healthy. With that combo of interests, you won’t be surprised to learn that Sharon is a big fan of finding new recipes and ideas by watching a few food/travel videos in her down-time.

Sharon looks after PBL’s clients with considered and experienced wisdom. She brings an amazing wealth of experience to our strata and estate teams.

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