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Commercial and Business Law

We know first hand that running a business isn’t a small deal. As if you haven’t got enough to do trying to attract customers and clients, deliver high quality work, manage staff and suppliers, and deal with a never-ending torrent of social media comments and reviews – you’ve also got to make sure that things are running smoothly from a legal and compliance perspective. That can get pretty messy if you try to do it all yourself with the power of Google. You can never quite be sure that you’ve done the right thing, used the right terms, or covered off on the right areas. We can help you focus on the things that matter in your business as your go-to legal advisors on the ground. We’ll help you get set up, financed, operational, compliant, and deal with disputes or issues as they might arise. Explore some more specific areas below, or get in touch with us here to chat about how we might be able to help.

Banking and Finance

Most businesses have to deal with finance one way or another.

Perhaps you have a line of credit to manage cash flow ups and downs, perhaps you need to take out

a significant loan for your next major venture, or perhaps you need equipment finance to get your fleet up and running.

Whatever the case, you don’t want to get accidentally trapped into something awful with your financer and find out about it 3 years later.

What might that be? That could be:

  • an unending guarantee that you didn’t realise you were signing;
  • a mortgage provision that allows a bank to appoint receivers in the middle of your half-
  • completed development because they got a bit worried about the market;
  • a debt factoring arrangement that is going to damage your cash flow rather than help it; or much more.

Whatever the case, we can help you make sure that you know what you’re getting into, that the terms are fair and reasonable, that the securities are correct and lodged, and that you and your bank remain on good terms as you build your business.

And if you hit the limit with your current financier, we can help you get the refinance underway.

Restructuring for Growth

We see this a lot – Bruce and Mary started a business together as a partnership. They wanted to make it fairly simple so they kept things pretty loose.

Now their business is growing, Bruce and Mary have realised that:

  • Their assets are at risk from their trading activities;
  • They went into business without an exit plan, and the tax consequences of getting out are going to be awful when the time comes;
  • They don’t have any idea how to manage what happens if one person wants to leave and the other doesn’t;
  • They have no way of taking in new investors, partners or board members that isn’t complicated and cumbersome.

In short: they need to restructure.

Done right, restructuring can set you up for growth into the future, protect your assets, maximise

the value of your business, and give you a sound exit strategy.

Bankruptcy and Insolvency

Bankruptcy and Insolvency

Even the best laid plans sometimes don’t pan out.

Perhaps it was a single job that went awry, a large client that didn’t pay, or a cash flow crunch that went on for too long.

Whatever the cause, sometimes the only option is to draw a line under what you owe your creditor and explore insolvency or bankruptcy options.

There are two things you shouldn’t do when under this kind of financial pressure.

The first is that you should not navigate this area yourself. Why? Because there might be other, better, options than simply winding things up and moving on with your life. These aren’t always that well known and can be difficult to identify and choose between without professional advice.

The second is you shouldn’t entrust your future to the sharks that will sell you a magical plan to

“ditch your debt and keep your assets”. Their advice often doesn’t come with legal professional privilege and is often legally dubious. Moreover, these kinds of promises regularly fall into the old saying: if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

We can help you lawfully negotiate with your creditors, walk the insolvency path, get advice on any risks you might have, and get through the other end.

Trade, Compliance and Operations

We’ll help you get the right terms in the right places and use them the right way.

That way the legal side isn’t a disruption to your business, but rather an integral part of minimising your risk, and maximising your profit.

Is your Business Ready

You’ve got enough on your shoulders running a business. Let us lighten the load as your trusted advisors, and help you navigate the ups and downs along the way. Reach out here for a chat.

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