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Planning and Environment

Navigating the regulatory framework of the planning and environment aspects of developments can quickly escalate the cost and complexity of your project.
PBL brings practical expertise to the area to help you at every step of the way. We understand how developments and sub-divisions proceed in the real work and what you need in order to ensure that you comply with all of the necessary regulations.

We can help you and your town planners prepare and lodge your development application, negotiate with council on unreasonable approval conditions and, if necessary, argue your position in the Land and Environment Courts.

Our planning and environment lawyers can help with:

  • Drafting and refining development applications;
  • Material change of use applications;
  • Drafting or review your agreements with your town planner;
  • Advice on issues relating to threatened species, contaminated land or heritage listing that might impact development plans;
  • Appealing council orders relating to your development;
  • Appeals relating to decisions made under the Trees Act 2006;
  • Advice in relation to compulsory acquisition or resumption issues, including valuation appeals;
  • Preparing and advise on applications and legal issues relating to mining tenements and operations;
  • Appeals in relation to fines or penalties levied by local or state governments in relation to your project.


Property Development Law

Issues with your development application can be one of the biggest hurdles to overcome in executing your development plans.

Getting PBL in at the start of your project means we can understand your goals, work with your town planner, and identify potential issues early on.

This means we can ensure that your development application is prepared with the understanding of how we might deal with objections or conditions from council.

Once the development application phase is complete, our role continues throughout the development process. We can help you with construction contracts, negotiating off-the-plan marketing proposals with your agents of choice, and documenting the pre-sales process.

That means you don’t need to look further than PBL for your property development law needs from inception through to sale.


All sub-divisions offer unique challenges and opportunities.

At PBL, we understand how your local council is going to respond to a sub-division application.

We can help you prepare your application in a way that addresses potential concerns in advance and gives you the best opportunity for successfully getting your plans through council and into development.

Once your sub-division is underway, we can assist with finance, registration and (if needed) transfer of your new lots, and the marketing and sales process as might be needed.

Planning and Environment Law

Planning and environment regulations can be some of the most complex and lengthy documents to review and understand.

It’s also critically important that any development, sub-division or large project has solid legal advice on the implications that the planning and environment regulations are going to have on the project.

At PBL we take the time to understand your project and its primary goals. From there, we can help you know what needs to happen to ensure that you comply with all the relevant laws and regulations.

That might include a decision about code or impact assessments, land use regulations, contaminated land concerns, heritage listing, tree or nature-related requirements, and other areas of due diligence that need to be dealt with before your project can commence.

With good advice from PBL in hand, your project has much greater chances of success and profitability.

Land and Environment Court Disputes

Even with excellent town planners and lawyers in your team, sometimes council or state governments won’t approve your project in the way you need it to proceed.

Onerous conditions can also make the difference between a profitable project and an unprofitable project.

For that reason, PBL is experienced in negotiating with council in relation to development conditions or incorrect application of relevant codes or regulations.

If the decision-makers are unable to be convinced, then your next step might have to be taking the matter to the Land and Environment Court.

With an excellent success rate efficiently running contested planning and environment disputes, we’re more than happy to argue your case before the Court if it becomes necessary.

What’s Your Next Project?

Got an idea, not sure of what to do next? Or perhaps the next build is just another in a long list of accomplished developments for you.

Either way, PBL can help you get it done. Give us a call to discuss what you need.

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